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Lazer epilation

Director` Armine Hayrapetyan

Thermal effect is the base of the lazer epilation, that is reflected in the following way: there is a dark pigmentt (melanin) in hair, that receives the light of the laser beam. During Lazer epilation sharp heating takes place on the whole lenth of the hair. Due to the sharp rise of the hyeating hair follicle easily vanishes and gets rid of its sac. Lazer epilation device has such opportunities that allow to release lazer beam with its right proportion of intensivity and duration.Due the effect of all these hair follicle vanishes and all sorrounding textures stay safe. The specification of lazer epilation is the fact that, during a one-time procedure the impulses of lazer effect mainly on the hair that are in the growing process. Only 1/5, not whole, part of hair are in such process. Accordingle the rest part of hair are out of lazer effect. That's why for the whole hair removal, on this or that part of the skin, one needs to do a range of doings with 1,5-2 month thinterval.



legs 75 000 AMD

arms 20 000 AMD

full bikini 20 000 AMD

anderarm 10 000 AMD

body and face 1 lazer beam 200 AMD

arms and leg 1 lazer beam 40 AMD